I Want to Skype Your Book Club!

Is your Book Club reading BETTY FORD: First Lady, Women’s Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer? I’d love to Skype in during your discussion. You can ask me anything. . . and I’ll probably have a few questions for you too!

I love connecting with readers and hearing what you liked most about the book, what surprised you, or how you could relate to Betty. What did you learn that you didn’t know? Did you realize she was such a spitfire? Can you even imagine being thrust into the role of First Lady–literally, almost overnight.

Were you surprised to learn the backstory behind the founding of the Betty Ford Center?

Everyone is talking about how timely Betty Ford’s story is and indeed it is astonishing that the issues she spoke out about are just as relevant today: women are still marching for equal rights; women are still dying from breast cancer (although the survival rate has improved drastically since 1974 when Betty was diagnosed); and addiction to opioids has become a national crisis.


Some of the most common questions I get are:

What made you decide to write about Betty Ford?

How long did it take to write the book?

What did your research entail?

What does the Ford family think about the book?

What surprised you most about Betty Ford as you were writing about her life?


The great thing about Skype is that even if I’m traveling, I can Skype from my hotel room. We just need to coordinate our schedules and let the conversation begin! Email me: Lisa@LisaMcCubbin.com

I look forward to (virtually) meeting you!



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